16 Random Things. Tag Me.

zondag 1 februari 2009

I was tagged to write out 16 random things about myself.

16 random things.

1) I love to dream.
2) I love to dream and write about it.
3) I believe in letting go. when you let go, you receive the most beautiful things.
4) I have received love and a great friendship. I enjoy it every day.
5) life is hard sometimes, but the glass is always half full, I think.
6) I like to enjoy the little things; sunshine on my face, for example.
7) my friends are important to me. more now than ever.
8) life is short, make the best of it, is my belief.
9) new is sometimes scary, but then again also a great adventure.
10) silence is a great treasure. in silence there is peace.
11) hope gives me life. without hope, life's gone.
12) I learn as I go. every day is a new day.
13) my brother used to be my compass, now I can be my own.
14) I can be pigheaded , go my own way, and do it.
15) I like to write, in writing lies creativity I need to release.
16) I have a million ideas. I do!

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